What is Craftsman Style


With an emphasis on simple forms and hand­crafted, natural features, home designer Brent Chamberlain's custom craftsman style house plans exude curb appeal.

Inviting Entryway

The front porch and entry door is an important feature of a Brent Chamberlain Design craftsman style home. Shorter, tapered or squared columns resting on stone or brick piers might flank a partially paned door with sidelights.


Our Utah craftsman style home designs usually feature multi-pane rather than single-pane windows which may be grouped together for added design emphasis.


Low pitched gable or hipped roof lines with deep overhangs and exposed beams complete the craftsman look. A mix of shingle and metal roofing materials can add interest.

Colors and Materials

Carefully coordinated natural tone or muted colors with wide accented trim give a homeowner many options to customize their craftsman home design. Our home designs feature multiple materials and textures which add interest.


Our craftsman house blueprints typically might feature exposed wooden structural elements like corbels, knee braces or columns that augment our designs. In the interior, built-in cabinetry, large prominent fireplaces and window seats are all possible.